martes, 28 de abril de 2015


       Skin - Rehana Marigold  by October´s 4Seasons  Coming April 25th


                                                   New at Topazia
                                              Grace Dress /Pearl -13 colors in store
            Hair    - D!va - Ruri (Citrine)
            Skin  - Rehana Marigold with Black Browns -October´s 4Season

lunes, 27 de abril de 2015


             The second of the two exclusives from ~AZUL~ for the fantasy faire
                                                                     Style  Eternal
                                                          -Event: Fantasy Faire 2015
                                        -Event Date: April 23rd 2015 until Mayo 3rd 2015

-AZUL- K’aalogii

            Pre-release items that Mami Jewell has created with profits to be donated 100% to RFL         during the Fantasy Faire 2015.
            Dress K´aalogii 
Event: Fantasy Faire 2015
 Event Dates: April 23rd 2015 until May 3rd 2015
 -AZUL- @ Fantasy Faire 2015 SLURL:

domingo, 26 de abril de 2015


      Dress-       Kaory / Purple by ***GIULIADESIGN
                       The designer presents in 4 colors
      Hair-     Ayashi- Anako
      Skin-     Jewell-Blossom by October´s 4Seasons 

sábado, 25 de abril de 2015


          Ghee is going to be at The Garage Fair 2015 with a selection of summery old favorites and an exclusive new release - the Vintage Floral Summer Dress. We also have a 1L gift.
The Vintage Floral Summer Dress comes with a texture HUD giving 10 options for the pattern on the main dress, and 10 for the collar and belt, which can be changed independently, giving lots of options for personalizing your look.     26Abril - 10th Mayo


                                                 OUTFIT-   CAT EYE RED BY LAMU FASHION
                                     -Top Mesh Chain 5 size
                                     -Alpha Layer
                                     -Pants Leggings Layer
                                     -Belt Chain
                                     -Shoes Heels (Only feets  Slink)
                                    -Included appliers for Mesh Body

viernes, 24 de abril de 2015


                                                 VERSUS SPRING/SUMMER 2015 -MAGAZINE

                Hair (NO)-Bantú Loops Blue
                Makeup- THESKINSHOP (Lipstik Backstage
                NOX - Manic Shadow (Blue/Pink)
                NOX -Olyvia Brown Base (Pink)
                Earrings -   Kunglers
                Photographer: Angels Milena

jueves, 23 de abril de 2015


       SKIN-   Rehana Pearl Makeup 1 Freckles with Butter
Meet Rehana in Pearl, the first tone in the series! Sometimes it is fun to play connect the dots! Rehana is gently covered with freckles from head to toe and do...tted with moles, you can play connect the dots and determine who gets the prize!
Exclusively at October's 4Seasons:…/October%20Enterpri…/137/92/3002

      HAIR  -                 D!va "Elsa"
      HEADPIECE-       Mandala[Miyabi]

miércoles, 22 de abril de 2015


             New at Topazia

             HAT-       Tres Beau "Faces"
             HAIR-      Olive.The Steffi Hair


       Dress and Hat  -Ghee VIP Gift April 2015 -Summer Dress &Hat
       Included :
                         -Alpha Layer
                         -5 size
                         -Hat  resize

martes, 21 de abril de 2015


     I am pleased to introduce the new ABAR eBODY fitted mesh, the intention is to offer a body fully compatible with mesh clothes (fitted mesh and standard sizes), offering a beautiful body without having to renounce the clothes of your inventory. Excludes head for you can use your head from Second Life Avatar, feet or hands are not included either because all of you have great feet and hands with a lot of shoes available in the market.


         This outfit has NOT alpha layer so one will have maybe to modify slightly her shape to wear it.
          Same for the feet lace. It works fine with slink and many body mesh
          8 Colors
          I am pleased to introduce the new ABAR eBODY fitted mesh, the intention is to offer a body fully compatible with mesh clothes (fitted mesh and standard sizes), offering a beautiful body without having to renounce the clothes of your inventory. Excludes head for you can use your head from Second Life Avatar, feet or hands are not included either because all of you have great feet and hands with a lot of shoes available in the market.

viernes, 17 de abril de 2015


         Dress-          Abigail/Black  Mesh Exclusive  Black Fashion Fair By Mami Jewell
        Included:     Alpha Layer : A-B-C
                            Dress Mesh 5 sizes
                            Headpiece Marrette
                            Skirt Flexy

jueves, 16 de abril de 2015


          Dress -      Sunrise Fur Collection esclusive for Fashion for Change by Clowes Couture

Fashion for Change

                                                   Dress Red Blood With Bow 
                               Escluvive for Fashion for Change by Clowes Couture

miércoles, 15 de abril de 2015


          Outfit   -                  Barbie/ White by Lamu Fashion
                                          -Top and Pants
                                          ´-Skirt Mesh Panel
                                           -Ring Bow
                                          - Clutch
                                          -Head bow
                                          -Heels Barbie (Only Feet Slink)
                                           Included applier for Body Mesh

martes, 14 de abril de 2015

Blossom of Spring

      OUTFIT          Blossom of Spring/Blue by Lamu Fashion
                              -Top and Pants
                              - Shoulders Blossom
                              -Skirt Mesh Resize
                              -Skirt Flexy Drop
                              -Hat Blossom
                              -Heels  Blossom (Only for Feets Slink)
                          -Included applier Body Mesh and Lolas Tango

domingo, 12 de abril de 2015


New at Topazia
Cassia dress
New release of Topaz, the designer has created a flattering dress with a wide range of textures, each more beautiful, dress with a side opening in the skirt and low-cut back.

sábado, 11 de abril de 2015


      exclusive release for the event is a true collaboration between Ghee's 2 designers, Warm Clarity and Bea Serendipity. It's a complete outfit, consisting of a dress, sandals, glasses and a handbag, all of which are exclusive custom mesh made exclusively for Ghee to our specifications. In the softest suede textures in barely pastel spring flower shades of Hyancinth (blue) Wisteria (lilac) and Peony (pink), this chic outfit draws on some of the new season's key fashion trends.

Available exclusively at SAVIAD Spring Into Fashion from 12pm SLT 10-18 April 2015.

Dress: rigged mesh (5 standard sizes) and fitted mesh (1 size), Alpha Layer
Shoes: Rigged Mesh for Slink HIGH Feet (feet not included)
Secretary Glasses: unrigged mesh with xyz resizer, materials enabled
Handbag: unrigged mesh with xyz resizer, materials enabled, with and without pose versions included


                                                  Gizza- SAVIAD/2015 -FEROSH
        Hydrangea Gow [Rose]  Exclusive Release by Gizza for Saviad/2015 -Ferosh

      Mila Blauvelt conjours up Spring time in Hydrangea by Gizza. Effortlessly, elegant with just the slightest provocative hint in the low sweeping back. Hydrangea also comes with delicate floral embellishments as both a neck and head piece.


                                                         *Nya´s* SAVIAD/2015-Ferosh
        DorotheaJumpsuit -Gold Exclusive reléase by *Nya´s* for Saviad 2015 -Ferosh
         Nya’s Shop have created a modern twist on a jumpsuit in palest pistachio, shot through with a floral motif, the cut away at the side and the neck and back detail make this a contemporary classic.


                                                                   Zanze- SAVIAD-2015
      exclusive reléase by Zanze for Saviad/2015-Ferosh
      Outfit Blythe
       Mila Blauvelt joins us again this afternoon, in the cute crop top and jean
skirt by Zanze, with gorgeous detailing on the belt and the high neck balancing out the midriff revealing top!

jueves, 9 de abril de 2015


      JACKET -            Space /Gold by Dual Fashion
                                    5sizes an Changer Textures Hud 8 Colors

      SKIN -                    Keiko Pearl Brown Plucked Natural Shaggy
                                     Included applier  Slink Hands and Feets
                                     October´s 4Seasom
      HAIR-          Windsong Dark Red ::Exile:::

domingo, 5 de abril de 2015


                                    Ghee is very honoured to be supporting Fashion For Change.
                                                                11th - 25th April 2015
             Every day women and girls face discrimination, violence and poverty, just because they are    female. Womankind Worldwide is working to change that.
Fashion For Change is a fashion and entertainment event in aid of the charity Womankind Worldwide.
100% of donations go to Womankind Worldwide. Help Womankind Worldwide make change for women's lives and human rights in the developing world.
Ghee has 2 exclusive releases for the event:
Tropicana - in 4 dazzling colorways, is a stunning cutaway catsuit and head wrap ensemble with a striking embroidered pattern - sure to turn heads this summer! 50% of all sales proceeds will go to Womankind Worldwide.
We have also made an exclusive ONE OFF monochrome edition of Tropicana for the Fashion For Change Auction. ONLY ONE COPY of this version will be sold EVER. Be the only person to own this unique design, and show your support for this important cause by bidding for it in the auction!

Ghee Store at FFC:

fashion for Change

a lot to read but this are the Infos
Womankind’s approach is not to impose a ‘top down’ solution but to help and empower the women’s groups it works with to achieve their own solutions and change. Womankind Worldwide also works in wider arenas, to lobby for change , working to influence the powers and practices of governments and non-governmental organizations.
While not being a very large charity, over the 25 years of its existence it has supported directly and indirectly over 18 million women and their families. In 2013, for instance, it worked in 15 countries, directly supported almost 141,000 women, and helped improve the rights of over 6 million women. In 2013 as an example, it worked in Afghanistan, Bolivia, Ethiopia, Ghana, Kenya, Liberia, Malawi, Nepal, Peru, Sierra Leone, South Africa, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia and Zimbabwe.
What follows is just a tiny example of the schemes, large and small, that it has helped.
Afghanistan – In Jalalabad WW helped a a legal aid center run by a local Women’s Organization to provide free legal support to 175 women, psychosocial support to 70 women/girls and basic health treatment to 46 women
Bolivia – WW helped 550 indigenous and peasant women leaders in 5 out of the country’s 9 regions to acquire the knowledge to challenge discrimination and they are now actively participating in local politics.
Liberia – WW helped develop a manual to help the police improve how they manage cases involving violence against women and girls, especially rape
Tanzania – WW worked with the Women’s Legal Aid Center in the Nyarugusu camp to support refugee paralegal units to take action on violence against women, and other human rights abuses, and they trained the wider community to recognize, promote and protect the rights of refugee women, children and men.
Nepal – WW helped Dalit tribal women’s political participation and their understanding of local political processes
Ethiopia – over five years, alongside another charity, WW worked with local communities to raise awareness of women’s rights, violence against women and harmful traditional practices. Just one result of this work was that 250,000 girls escaped genital mutilation.
That is only a tiny sample, the list could go on for hours….
This is a charity where even small donations can make a significant difference, because the money is targeted to make maximum and lasting impact. Some examples are shown below.
$20 US could train a police person in Peru in issues of sexual exploitation, violence and women’s rights to ensure that they better support trafficked women and women in prostitution.
$60US could train a community paralegal in Ghana, to provide legal support to survivors of violence, helping them to obtain child custody, a divorce or to keep their home.
$300US could train 25 Aymara women in Bolivia to educate other women in their communities on women’s rights, violence and leadership.
Looking at the figures, you can see that there is a real chance that money raised in Second Life could make a real difference somewhere.
Womankind Worldwide’s weblink is below – go check it out!
Dates for the Event
Fashion For Change Entertainment
Sat 11th April
Blvd Show 11am
Torben Asp 12 noon
TJ Oanamochi 1pm
DJ Adam01time 2pm (with fireworks)
Sunday 12th April
MGB Show 10am
Dani Plassitz 12 noon
Truelie Telling 1pm
Wed 15th April
DJ: Mex (SL Radio) 1-3pm
Saturday 18th April
COC Challenge 10am
Performer 12noon Maximillion Kleene 2014 Avi Choice Winner
Show (MVWMA) 2pm –
Sunday 19th April
Misses Show 10am
Performer 12noon Keeba Tammas
DJ 1pm tbc
Wed 22nd April
DJ: Mex (SL Radio) 1-3pm SLT
Saturday 25th April
11am Auction finale – neck cadaver presiding
2pm Final DJ Party – Walter Balazic
Event Designer included Surls
in alphabetically order
[ at home ]
Athena Couture
Baboom Couture
Celtic Wolf
Clowes Couture
Couture Chapeau
Face Paint
Giulia Design
Immortals Avatars
KL Couture
LUNA Body Art
Lyrical B!zarre
Miss Darcy

sábado, 4 de abril de 2015


                          DRESS-      * Elsa* Inpired Frozen by Lamu Fashion
                          Included:      Mesh Dress 5 size
                                               Alpha Layer
                                               Bolero Layer
                                               Gloves Bolero
                                               Mantle Flexy
                                               Head piece Snow
                                              Heels Elsa only for feets Slink
                                               Snow hand and particles
                                            Included applier for body mesh


Apart from the exclusive version of -AZUL- Sophie, Mami has also created a second, One-Only gown which will be auctioned off with 100% of the profits donated to the charity.
One-only Item by -AZUL- to be auctioned off:
▬ Event Dates: April 11-25, 2015
▬ -AZUL- @ Fashion for Change Event SLURL:

Especial Fashion for Change

                Dress -Sophie/BOSL Fashion for Change Limited By Mami Jewell-AZUL-
                    Mami has created for the Fashion For Change event. 50% of the profits are donated to the charity, so it is very important to help the Fashion for Change team to raise awareness about the cause.
                      ▬ Event Dates: April 11-25, 2015
                      ▬ -AZUL- @ Fashion for Change Event SLURL:

jueves, 2 de abril de 2015


-AZUL-by Mami Jewell
Dress-  Sophie/Garnet mesh
Included: Mesh Dress -5 size
     Alpha Layer
                    Flexible Skirts-2 Kind
                       Flower HeadDress-Kind
                      Flower Bracelet-2 Kind
Skin-Jewell-Blosom by October¨s 4Season