domingo, 31 de enero de 2016


                                           Lamu Fashion -Outfit Sexy Samba of Carnival /Blue
                                                 Avalilable in 3 colors ,Red , Blue and Fuchia.
                                                       Work with Classic and Mesh Avatar.
                         Included : Mesh Top Jewel with resizer ,Mesh Panties ,Tattoo Body Glitter Gold
                                         Belt with Fringe , Necklace , Feathers Back with Veil  / No Veil
                                         Headpiece Feathers , Included appliers Panties and Tattoo Glitter
                                        for Body Mesh
                                  Skin  -    Guiselle Blossom Auburn Genesis Labs  Mesh Head Appliers
                                   October´s 4Seasons -

martes, 26 de enero de 2016


                                            Lamu Fashion -Gown Marie Antoinette Masquerade
                                                        Work with Classic and Mesh Avatar
                        Included: Mesh Blouse 5 size (Standard) , Alpha Layer , Belt Skirt Pant with resize
                                        Skirt Flexi with resize , Panties  and Stockings , Cuff Flexi Lace Collar
                                       Rococo , Hair Clip , Brooch ,Mask Venetian Face and Staff.
                                       Included appliers Panties and Stockign for Body Mesh

lunes, 25 de enero de 2016


                                                            Currently at     October´s 4Seasons

                                    Guiselle Blossom Auburn Genesis Labs  Mesh Head Appliers
                        October´s 4Seasons New relase this week is Genesis Labs Mesh head appliers
                        for the Guiselle line.
                       The Genesis Lab appliers come wiht 2 natural options , 5 Makeups and Ear applier and
                       standard SL skin . Mesh Body appliers sold separately.


domingo, 24 de enero de 2016


                                                 Ferosh Fashion Weekend 2016 -Indented

                                                                       Body Maitreya

                                             1º   Intered :         Dress -      Reese Brown
                                                                         Hair  -        Rowne  Raquel Ponytail
                                                                        Earrings-    Kunglers   Blanche
                                                                        Bangles-    Indyra  Tulipwood
                                                                        Booties-     BAX Popy -Orange Leather

                                  2º  Indeted:                     Dress-        LeAnne Gray
                                                                        Hair -          enVOGUE Clarissa
                                                                       Necklace-    E-Clipse  Geometries
                                                                       Boots -         Maitreya Thigh High Pear
                                                                      Makeup-       NOX


                                                         Ferosh Fashion Weekend - 01/ 2016 - BENDER

                                                         Dress -          Bender SugarSugar  Navy
                                                        Hair  -            Zibska   Shiori
                                                        Boots-            BAX Regency Black Patent Leather
                                                        Makeup-        +Nuuna Cha
                                                        Headpiece-     Made by me

sábado, 23 de enero de 2016


                                                                  D D Creation  Outfit Zulay
                                               Included : Dress Mesh 5 size , Shoes Slink and Hat

viernes, 22 de enero de 2016


                                                                       ***GIULIADESIGN***  Joys
                                                                   Included : Dress Mesh 5 size and Hat
                                                                     Work with Classic and Mesh Avatar
                                                                                     MARKET  id=8408842&slug=GIULIADESIGNJOYS


                                                  Lamu Fashion Dress Elsa Fire  Especial Edition 2016
                                                                Work with Classic and Mesh Avatar
                            Included : Mesh Dress 5 size (Standard) , Alpha Layer , Bolero Layer ,
                                            Gloves+ Applier for Slink Hands , 2 Mantle Flexi and
                                             Glitter , Hair Clip Phoenix , Heels Elsa feet High models
                                             for Slink High ,Maitreya and Belleza , Fire hand and Particles.

jueves, 14 de enero de 2016


                                                                     D D Creations - Jarla
                                                     Included Mesh 5 sizes and Hud 18 colord


                                              Lamu Fashion -Gown  "Belle" The Beauty and the Beast
                                                                Work with Classic and Mesh Avatar
      Included : Gown Mesh 5 sizes ( standard) , Alpha Layer , Gloves Gold + Applier for slink hands ,
                        Sleeves modif , Skirt flexi with resize , Brooch pearls chest , Necklace , Earrings ,
                        Tiara and rose red , Included appliers gloves for Body Mesh

miércoles, 13 de enero de 2016

Ghee - Walden Gown

                                                  Ghee - Walden Gown , Exclusive for The Instruments
                                       Dress Mesh in diferents Texturas and 6 diferents colors and two lengths.
                                       Included  Fitmesh Gown  in 5  standard sizes , Plus fit for Slink  Physique
                                                       Gown shown work with Maitreya Lara

                                                   Ghee - Walden Headpiece   and Earrings for The Instruments
                                                   Headpiece and Earrings to wear with Walden Gowns

                                           Ghee -The Instruments Event  from Jan 11th to 26th

lunes, 4 de enero de 2016


                          Skin - January Group Gift -Capricorn Perfection by October´s 4Seasons, LLC
                       Adorned with a Capricorn thigh Tattoo and tramp stamp that says purely...Perfection..
                       She comes  with  Maitreya , Belleza , Slink  and Omega Body appliers included
                                                               2 Skins and Shape included
      October´s 4Seasons -

                           Top and Skirt - .AiShA  -   Neckace ::GB:: - Hair -EMO-tions - Horns  Alegria

viernes, 1 de enero de 2016


                                                                 Lamu Fashion -Gown / Gold in Night
                                                                 Work with Classic and Mesh Avatar
                                                Included : Top and Pants
                                                                 Goves Glitters + Applier for Slink Hands
                                                                 Skirt Mesh Fitmesh Panel , Skirt Flexi with Glitte
                                                                 Bracelets Cuff , Chest Brooch , Belt Brooch
                                                                 Necklace Gold and Earrings Gold
                                                                 Appliers for Body Mesh
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                            MARKET -