lunes, 18 de septiembre de 2017

Genesis Lab Luxury Dream (GACHA) eBENTO The Event Sept.Round

Genesis Lab has this beautiful bento head at eBENTO The Event in the September round
and is a Gacha .

       Her name is Sofie and you have applicators for eye and lip makeup, as well as different skins with different eyebrows and eye color, eyelashes, etc.
Also a basic Hud of animations.

                             Do not miss this opportunity, because it is a gorgeous head

                                                               eBENTO The Event September Round


domingo, 17 de septiembre de 2017


     -   Ghee's new exclusive release at 68 Main
Ghee's Art T-shirts feature fine art prints from some of our favourite artists. Perfect casual wear with jeans or shorts, the T-shirts come in fitted mesh for Belleza, Maitreya and Slink mesh bodies only, and are available in ten fabulous prints. afatpack of all ten prints is available at a discounted price.
Available exclusively at 68 Main until 30th September.

Ghee Art Attack at 68 Main


    -  Ghee Lace Docs Boots at SCALA Yin/Yang

Ghee's Lace Docs come in rigged mesh for Slink Flat Feet, and unrigged mesh (with resizer) fitted to Maitreya Flat Feet. There are 10 colourways to choose  , you can grab a fatpack of all 10 for half the price!

Ghee's Lace Docs are available exclusively at SCALA Yin/Yang from 15th-30th September.


   - Jeans     The Ghee Essential Jeans come with texture HUDs giving you 6 denim shades in each pack - from bleached to indigo. They're for mesh bodies ONLY. The bootcut jeans come in 2 lengths too - for flats and heles.


sábado, 16 de septiembre de 2017

Avenge eBENTO The Event September Round

             - shape: [Avenge] Alena shape for Genesis Lab at eBento event
              - skin: [Avenge] Alena skin applier for Genesis Lab / Peach at eBento event
             - mesh head: Genesis.Lab Sofie (gacha) at eBento event
             - lipstick: Genesis Lab Matte lipstick (gacha) at eBento event

                                                               Hair  - Sintiklia / Jasmine
                                                               Dress - Dead Dollz

viernes, 15 de septiembre de 2017

K-tarsis & Drastic eBENTO The Event Sept.Round

                                                                            Daughter of Gaia
                       - Exclusive K-tarsis tattoo for eBENTO - The Event
                         HUD for : Belleza , Maitreya , Omega and Slink

                    - Drastic Gun Metal Ring and Nails .Exclusive for eBENTO The Event
                      For Bento Maitreya and Vista hands with a great variety of color tone possibilities, both on the ring and on the nails

Take a walk through eVENTO The Event and get this magnificent Tattoo and a few rings with precious nails
                                        eBENTO The Event September Round


Altamura & ebento The Event Sept. Round

Altamura Aggie Mesh Head 

The head Bento the Altamura AGGIE contains 6 skin tones options to choose from and each skin tone comes packed a no-brow and , eyebrow color options,  lipstick colors and  eye make up options.Also comes with a Hud for animations

             Includes the body Aggie Bento and an Omega applicator for Baltic skin

                                            eBENTO The Event  Sept. Round

                                               Hair  - TRUTH / Athenea Gift Groul VIP September

                                                                        Hat - *COCO*

miércoles, 13 de septiembre de 2017

New Group Gift at Ghee!

Ghee Vip Gift September 2017
New exclusive group gift of cargo pants and boots and a skinny rib tank with a 6 shade texture HUD. In fitmesh for Belleza, Maitreya and Slink mesh bodies and 5 standard sizes.
Included : Cargo Pants, Cargo Boots (unrigged mesh) , Skinny Rib Top  (with 6 shade textures HUD)
Fitmesh 5 standars sizes , Belleza , Slink , Maitreya
Wear your Ghee group tag and visit the main store to claim your gift.



lunes, 11 de septiembre de 2017


 The latest Glitter release for SWANK Sep round
 AIKO Fitmesh Outfit, the exclusive mesh Tokyo themed
 - Long dress fitmesh in 5 standard sizes and for mesh bodies  BELLEZA (Venus, Freya and Isis), MAITREYA, SLINK (Physique and Hourglass), TONIC (Curvy and Fine), TMP , eBODY and Ocacin. In a variety of 6 Neon colors
- Alpha layer for classic avatars
It can be bought in single colors or fat pack with tecture hud
Available in 6 colors
POSE -  GLITTER Poses  GP Happy for SWANK
Taxi -  SWANK
Hair [RA] Serazade

miércoles, 6 de septiembre de 2017

Ghee & The Darkness September

                                  -Snakeskin Mini Dress  Manasa. Excluding ghee for The Darkness event
                                      Included Textues HUD : 3 metals and 2 laces colours
                                      Available in 8 colors . Berry , Gold , Silver , Violet , Damson , Petrol ,
                                      Graphite  and Iridescent , which is the one I'm using in photography.

                                      It is also included in the dress Snake Chokers in Gold , Silver and Black

                                   - Manasa Peep Toe Boots
                                     Ghee also has in The Draknees these beautiful boots in snakeskin, which go    well with the dress .Se sold separately with 12 colors Textures HUD
                        Manasa Mini dress and Manasa Peep Toe Boots  is for model Mesh Body ONLY

                                                      Belleza , Maitreya and Slink

                                      Ghee & The Darkness Monthly Event -5th - 30th September

lunes, 4 de septiembre de 2017


                                   ***GIULIADESIGN*** Outfit WOOBINDAA
                                                                   Blue and Pink

                                               Work with classic and mesh avatar

                                     Model for : Belleza , Slink Hourglass - Physique , Maitreya         

                                                 Included  Cookie and Sneakers

                STORE :
                MARKET :

domingo, 3 de septiembre de 2017

*Notte Stellata*

                                              Lamu Fashion - Outfit " Notte Strellata"
                                             Work with classic ande mesh avatar
                                                                Dress Classic Mesh and Fitmesh
                                              Model for . Maitreya ,ebody , Slink Physique and Hourglass
                                                                 Belleza , Tonic Curvy and Fine , TMP , Ocasión
                                                                 Bra Layer , and Appliers bra for body mesh.
                                                                 Headpiece , handbag Cutch.

                     STORE -
                     MARKET -

domingo, 27 de agosto de 2017

Arte & eBENTO The Event August Round

                                            - Arte Sera Eyeshadow The applier contains:

                             - 14 eyeshadows compatible with Catwa and LeLutka mesh head.

                                                    -Arte Sweet Lashes for Catwa

                                                        The applier contains:
                                     - Lashes with 3 options compatible with Catwa mesh head.

                                                       Arte - Passion Eyeshadow

                                                             Included in the pack:
                         - 14 eyeshadows compatile with Catwa mesh head and classic avatar

                                                        -Arte - SassitUp! Eyeshadow

 - 14 eyeshadows in animal print with gems/no gems option, compatible only with Catwa Mesh Head.

                                   These precious make-ups can be found at a good price on eBENTO The August Round Event. Hurry up, as this is about to end the August round.


I facilitate the land of the store for you to visit and enjoy its different Makeup and elements to beautify our Avis

                Arte :

miércoles, 23 de agosto de 2017


               In this BENTO time, Hands and Arms positions for Poses became more important

                                               [HD]MULTI BENTO POSE HUD
Please note this only works with Arm adjustable Bento poses from Happy Dispatch.

This HUD gives us the possibility to change hands and arms gestures, apart from the poses Happy Dispatch has great variety to put them in. It is only valid with your poses, do not try to add poses of your ivento because it will not work.
Arm adjustable Bento pose series for quite a while and now you can put those poses into one HUD. It makes it easier for you to choose poses and adjust arm positions.
By putting into one same HUD you can mix arm poses from different poses.

White this HUD in beta it will be 25% off.

 Watch the video please

martes, 22 de agosto de 2017


Altamura : "KIM" Bento Head v0.35.1 exclisive eBENTO
Body Applier (All Tone) by Altamura eBENTO
Find Adjustable Poses, Realistic skins and shapes, Lashes, Natural Eyes textures, Eyeshadows, Complete Make ups, Heads male and women, Dances, Nails and Jewels for hands, Tattoos and sales up to 50%
eBENTO August Round
Dress : r2 A/D/E tokime /White
Hair : [monso] My Hair /Sola

domingo, 20 de agosto de 2017

*HEART-F* & eBENTO The Event

                      [HD]Arm adjustable Bento poses *HEART-F* @ eBento the event august round

   -Nessija -Sailor Maitreya Nails Appliers &  eBento the event august round

- Denver´s Malena Shape for Lelutka Simone Bento Head eBento the event august round

                                                Hair - *Argrace / Tsubura

jueves, 17 de agosto de 2017

eBENTO The Event & Dever´s Shapes

                              Find sales up to 50% OFF but also NEW AMAZING items in EXCLUSIVE 100% BENTO  August Round
                                              - Denver´s Anna Shape fot Catwa Bento Head
        eBENTO The Event -

                                                                 Hair -   *TKW* / Taube
                                                                Choker- [ Kunst ] Lucy

miércoles, 16 de agosto de 2017

eBENTO The Event - Poema & Tuty

              Find sales up to 50% OFF but also NEW AMAZING items in EXCLUSIVE 100% BENTO

                 POEMA  - Martina Lashes Catwa . Work on : Bento and Static Catwa Mesh Head       

 3 Options :


- Hard

- Tintable

     POEMA -Monik  Lipstick Catwa -Omega
  Work on : Static / Bento mesh Head Catwa / Omega

  Effects the Blush and eyeshadows layer together

 -POEMA  Mika Lipstick  Catwa /   Omega

  Work on : Static / Bento mesh Head Catwa / Omega
TUTY Bento Female Hands System v2.0

Included  Nails & Skin HUD  and 10 Winkign Bento Poses

Everything you will find in eVENTO The Event in the August round with incredible prices

lunes, 14 de agosto de 2017

eBENTO The Event

                                   eBENTO The Event August Round -Alge´s Designs Makeup
                                         Le Butterflies Eyeshadows for LeLutka Head Bento
                                                                       6 original colors
Exclusive on eBENTO The Event .

                                                                    Hair - Shi / Odette
                                                                    Choker - NOIR / Satine

domingo, 13 de agosto de 2017

eBENTO The Event August Round

 .::WoW Skins::.  Sahara Catwa Bento Applier and Maitreya Mesh Body Applier  eBENTO The Event

-Essential - Tattoo [Carol G ] Exclusive eBENTO The Event
Carol G.Tattoo Wear for Bento Vista Hands
--CNZ  : Mesh Eyes with and without Shining (with HUD)
 Nail applicator, beautiful  colors with an exquisite quality.HUD with 5 colores.Se can be used in hands: Maitreya, Tuty's, Vista and also Omega applicator
 New round @ eBENTO, this month great designers offer you bento-enabled products with 25% and 50% off
Hair : wasabi Pills /Dahlia
Pasties :*BEDesign/Roses
* Extraordinario * Tangerine Gecko Companion Gacha

viernes, 11 de agosto de 2017

eBENTO August Round

 New round @ eBENTO, this month great designers offer you bento-enabled products with 25% and 50% off

-JUMO : Lola Lips Applier for Lelutka , Catwa , Omega and Classic Avatar

                              Beautiful HUD with 6 Metalic tones

-CNZ  : Mesh Eyes with and without Shining (with HUD)

New Texture for Bento Head Catwa , Lelutka and Omega Appliers

 Nail applicator, beautiful  colors with an exquisite quality.HUD with 5 colores.Se can be used in hands: Maitreya, Tuty's, Vista and also Omega applicator

     eBENTO The Event August Round

martes, 8 de agosto de 2017

eBENTO The Event August round

Makeup/Tattoo Appliers for Omega Compatible Mesh Heads
2x10 Lips Tattoo Patterns White&Black

 GAEG, is on eBENTO The Event and you can get them with a discount of 25% of its price

CODEX also has another good offer on this beautiful Bento Maitreya Dyana hand ring set with a variety of metal color on its HUD. You will find it with a 25% discount also

      August round -  eBENTO The Event

                                                      Hair -eXxEsS /GIN
                         Eye Makeup - .:JUMO:.BelleVue Gold Eyeliners - CATWA
                         Eyebrows      -  .:JUMO:. CATWA Heads