lunes, 27 de febrero de 2017

Ghee at The Hipster Fair


                        Ghee at The Hipster Fair  - ends on March 3rd

                          Ghee Barcode Sweat top w HUD 12 colors

                                    Ghee Retro print Stretch Leggings w HUD 9 Textures

                                           Ghee Hipter17 w HUD 16 Textures x 10 lens colors

                                        Ghee  ART DOGS 6 Textures and socks wHUD 12 Textures
                              Remember that The Hipster Fair ends on March 3rd 

domingo, 26 de febrero de 2017

Vanity Table

                                 ..::DEAR PRUDENCE::.. Vanity Table -Created by Prudence Velde.

This beautiful makeup table is complete and fully functional. You have a variety of realistic animations that simulate the actions of a woman getting ready. It has a wide variety of textures, so you can make the combination with your other furnishings.
The animations are realistic and come with accessories that will attach to your hand automatically.



                                                  ..::DEAR PRUDENCE::..Pantyhose Cat


Pantyhose Cat
★ Omega applier
★ Maitreya applier
★ Belleza apploer
★ Slink applier
Hair - MINA

Dama Veneziana

                                                    Lamu Fashion -Gown *Dama Veneziana*
                                                     Work with classic and mesh avatar
                                 Included : Bluse Mesh 5 sizes , Shirt lace , Gloves , Belt skirt part , collar ,
                                                  Hat , Mask face and staff.
                                                  Included appliers shirt and gloves for body mesh : TheMeshProjet ,
                                                  Slink , Belleza , Maitreya and Omega.

sábado, 25 de febrero de 2017


                                                     Lamu Fashion -Costume *Arlecchina*
                                                     Work with classic and mesh avatar
                             Included : Corset Fitmesh 5 sizes ,Leggings Layer , Gloves , Skirt Tutu ,Hat ,
                                              Collar , Mask Staff , Make-Up , Boots mesh , Appliers Gloves and
                                              Leggings for body : Slink , Maitreya , Belleza and OMEGA .
                                               Make-Up for : Catwa . Lelulka and Omega
                                                      *   HAIR SOLD SEPARATELY  *
                                    Lamu Fashion - Hair *Baby Doll * Mesh Rigged and Lolas Versión
                                                             HUD COLOR CHANGE

viernes, 24 de febrero de 2017


                                  ..::DEAR PRUDENCE::.. Pantyhose Double Heart
                                                       Creator : Prudence Velde
                                 * Applyers: Belleza | Maytreia | Omega System | Slink
                                                                              Hair [NO]

jueves, 23 de febrero de 2017


                                             Lamu Fashion  -Outfit Costume *JEM*
                                             Work with classic and mesh avatar
                                Included : Mini dress Fitmesh 5 sizes , Models for : Maitreya , Belleza and Slink.
                                                 Stockings leggings , Accessory fringe flexi , Earrings , Microphone ,
                                                 Make-Up , Shoes for : Maitreya , Belleza and Slink
                                                           HAIR SOLD SEPARATELY
                                           Lamu Fashion - Hair mesh JEM - HUD Color Change

                                                       Pose - GLITTER Poses -Challenger

miércoles, 22 de febrero de 2017


                       Amayur from GIULIADESIGN.bordeauxIt. Comes in 6 colours.  also find it in black, blue, gold, orange, purple.
The lace top comes with appliers for Maitreya, Belleza, Slink, TMP, Tonix and is Omega Compatible. The skirt comes in 5 sizes and it fits Maitreya, Belleza, Slink, Tonic and TMP. The boots are included, they come in 5 sizes and they are compatible with Slink.

martes, 21 de febrero de 2017


      LURE v2 See through Lace Fitmesh in 5 standard sizes and for Maitreya, Slink and Hourglass body mesh.
Available in 6 colors : Black , Lemon , Mustard , Ruby ,Silver , Whitte.  And soon in marketplace:

                                               Pose - GLITTER Poses /Challenger

                                                                  Hair -TRUTH/Lisette

sábado, 18 de febrero de 2017

Vivo Per Lei

                                                                      Lamu Fashion-Gown *Vivo per Lei*/ Blue
                                                                       Work with classic and mesh avatar

                                           Included : Gown Fitmesh , Models for body :Maitreya , Belleza , Slink ,
                                                            Hourglass and eBody. gloves , akirt flexi bown accessory.
                                            Included appliers gloves for . TMP , Slink , Maitreya and OMEGA.
                                                                      Avalilable in 4 colors :Red , Blue , Purple and Black.

                     Lamu Fashion     Necklace and Earrings Vivo per Lei  HUD 8 Colors change

                                               Lamu Fashion -Hair Rose HUD colors change


jueves, 16 de febrero de 2017

La Corolle

                                                              La Corolle Rose Dress
                                                                   GHEE has released for                                                                                                                              The Kultivate Spring Fashion Event  
                                                        8  textures by HUD
Ghee Pinky Peeptoes
6 Colors
available at The Kultivate Spring Fashion Event

miércoles, 15 de febrero de 2017

Ghee - Kultivate Spring Fashion Event

                                               GHEE has released for
                                   The Kultivate Spring Fashion Event

                              Head piece + Shawl + Skirt + OMEGA applier

                                      The Kultivate Spring Fashion Event
from Feb 11th to March 2nd
                                                              Poses by Glitter Poses

martes, 14 de febrero de 2017


                                                        ***GIULIADESIGN*** Outfit Cordelia / Black
                                                                Work with classic and mesh avatar
                                   Included : Top mesh 5 sizes , Skirt mesh 5 sizes . and Models for body mesh :
                                                     ( Maitreya , Belleza , Physique , Hourglass , TMP )
                                                                        Available in 5 colors
                                                          Boots incluided for Classic and mesh avatar
                                                        Hair  (NO)
                                                        Necklace - MANDALA
                                                        Earrings  - MANDALA

sábado, 11 de febrero de 2017


                                                                     Lamu Fashion - Outfit *Valentine*

                                                                    Work with classic and mesh avatar

                                               Included : Corset mesh 5 sizes , Skirt balloons hearts , pasties heart,
                                                                mask hearts , lighted heart back staff hearts with particles,
                                                                Boots thigh mesh 5 sizes
                                              Hair - Lamu Fashion - Vilma with HUD color chage.

                                           POSE - GLITTER Poses - GP Knees  the new round of 2ND LEVEL
                   Location 2ND LEVEL

                                                                  10% OFF for GLITTER members

miércoles, 8 de febrero de 2017


                                              Lamu Fashion - Gown *Minako* Inspired Gown Sailor Venus

                                                                          Work with classic and mesh avatar
                                 Included : Dress mesh 5 sizes . Skirt flexi , Collar and tape bow back , Necklace,
                                                  Earrings , Bow hair , accessories bow , Shoes for feet High : Maitreya,
                                                  Belleza and Slink.

                                                                                   Hair - MINA

martes, 7 de febrero de 2017


                                ***GIULIADESIGN**  Creation for the current "The Darkness Monthly Even" .

                                                               Open Round 5th of each month at 01:00 pm slt.

                                                                         Work with classic and mesh avatar

                                  Fag Dress mesh  available in 4 colors : Pink ,Black , Purple and Green
                                                                             Boots Incluided
Hair [bade]
Earring - Kunglers

Ghee - New at The Designers Showcase

                                                         Ghee - Rosa Dress and stylish thigh high boots

                                                           New at the Designer Showcase for February
                                           this lovely dress comes in 10 new season colors for the Spring. In one size fitted mesh for classic avatars, plus fit mesh for Maitreya, Belleza and Slink mesh bodies.
                                  Also at the Designer Showcase - Ghee's new Pointy Thigh Boots.

                           with 16 color texture HUDs. 2 editions are available - Suede and Leather. For mesh bodies ONLY - fitted mesh for Lara, Isis, Freya, Venus, Physique and Hourglass.

                Available exclusively from the Designer Showcase until 28th February.

         Designer Showcase

lunes, 6 de febrero de 2017


                                                     Lamu Fashion - Gown *Ami * Inspired Gown Sailor Mercury
                                                                        Work with classic and mesh avatar
                                              Included : Dress fitmesh 5 sizes , Skirt flexi , Accessories brooch ,
                                                               Necklace and earrings , Shoes for feet High for : Maitreya ,
                                                               Slink and Belleza.

                                                                Pose - GLITTER Pose

domingo, 5 de febrero de 2017


                                                                      GUILIADESIGN Outfit Amina 
                                                                    Work with classic and mesh avatar
                                               Included : Top and Short classic and model ; Belleza , Maitreya ,Slink ,
                                                                 Tonic , TheMeshProjet ,and more.
                                                                                 Boots incluided

                                                      Top - HUD Change texture 6 colors
                                                                             Hair - *ARGRACE*

Show me Love

                                                       GLITTER Poses - GP Show me Love  Couple Pose

                                                 SWANK round. It is February and the month of love.
                                                      A new and exclusive Pose "Show me Love",

                      GLITTER at SWANT EVENTS

sábado, 4 de febrero de 2017


                                the new round of GLITTER for  SWANK. It's February and the month of love  this lovely and different lingerie set.
 the full pack with texture hud but it can be also bought in single colors
                                                                         Available im 6 colors
                                                                         Work with classic and mesh avatar

                                                                        Hair - enVOGUE
                                                                        Neckace - Exile
                                                                        Earrimgs - Lazuri
                                                 Pose - GLITTER Pose -Back 8 serie 1
                       GLITTER Pose -

viernes, 3 de febrero de 2017


                  GLITTER participes at the BOSL Hunt called "Kiss of Valentine Hunt" which runs:

                                                        FEBRUARY 1 - FEBRUARY 21
GLITTER has created a system template dress called CUPID in layers for classic avatars RED, Appliers hud for Maitreya, Belleza, Omega, eBody and Slink, included a mesh panel skirt.
Apply advanced light model to see the materials effect.

The Best Of SL is delighted to bring you its first of the year hunt, The Kiss Of The Valentine. Let’s celebrate the Best Of SL during the season of Love. This hunt is located on their own sim. A lot of hearts expanded on the park priced 1L$.

More information on BOSL Kiss of the Valentine Hunt


                                      Pose  - GLITTER Pose - GP FEBRUARY GROUP GIFT