miércoles, 23 de agosto de 2017


               In this BENTO time, Hands and Arms positions for Poses became more important

                                               [HD]MULTI BENTO POSE HUD
Please note this only works with Arm adjustable Bento poses from Happy Dispatch.

This HUD gives us the possibility to change hands and arms gestures, apart from the poses Happy Dispatch has great variety to put them in. It is only valid with your poses, do not try to add poses of your ivento because it will not work.
Arm adjustable Bento pose series for quite a while and now you can put those poses into one HUD. It makes it easier for you to choose poses and adjust arm positions.
By putting into one same HUD you can mix arm poses from different poses.

White this HUD in beta it will be 25% off.

 Watch the video please

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